2. Oils on panel

    From last month’s workshop with Keita … my first oil painting!

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  3. appleandtangerine said: Hi Caroline! I've finally found the time to start experimenting with the gouache medium (I have tried others) and was wondering what are the essential colors for starting? Also, is mixing gouache colors more similar to watercolors or acrylics (or even oils)? Thanks!

    Hi! Mmm for colours, I would say your usual oils palette would be a good basis. I don’t have colours I specifically use for gouache, so whatever you usually use is probably good. 

    As for mixing, I would say it’s similar to oils in terms of controlling transparency/fluidity. But for that really nice, matte gouache look, use about 1 part colour to 1/2 water, until it feels kind of creamy. You can paint opaquely without water, and if you add too much water it’ll start to behave like watercolours. In terms of reversibility, it’s more like watercolours, so you can go over dry paint with water to erase/fix/what have you. Experiment with it, there’s lots you can do with gouache! 

  4. 'Grandma'
    Oils on panel

    Learning how to do oil paintings … there are so many things I don’t know!!

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  5. Recently did the album art for the upcoming EP by postmoderndisco … look out for it! 8)

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  6. Some super quick studies in conte and gouache respectively. Experimenting. :)

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  7. sunrisepaintings:

    Oh, the wonders of listening to Studio Ghibli soundtrack whilst painting the sunrise with the world still asleep is not a magic to be told, but to be experienced… :) Photoshop again.

    June 17, 2014

    I think I’m getting better at these. :’) Or at least making them look less messy lol.

  8. Work in progress. Oil on 8”x10” panel

    Dabbing into the world of oil painting amidst my gouache obsession… may or may not be the start of something dangerous. Keita did the nose and had way too much fun doing it. :’D

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  9. Sketchity sketch